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The Leading IOT company to make EMV QR code payment system more secure to operate, more easier to implement, and more scenarios to apply.

Our Vision

Combining with EMV QR Code,  Bluetooth iOT and Block Chain technology, WayGo create the world's first "open and decentralized" mobile payment platform that supporting multiple wallet apps, multiple payment gateway, multiple hardwares, and multiple payment scenarios. 

Allowing different stakeholder in this ecosystem  (Apps, financial institutions, business partner, and information infrastructure) can focus on what they are good at, without dealing with unfamiliar agenda.

As long as there is a will, any new player can plug in to this ecosystem at any time and then complete the connection with the existing players. Don't need always working on system integration again and again.

Low cost of hardware, simple construction methods, and parameterized hardware integration interface allow traditional industries to upgrade together and jointly enter the global mobile payment market for self-service equipment.

Evolution of QR Code Payment

Merchant Presented Mode

The merchant displaying the QR code either statically or dynamically, with the consumer using a smart phone to scan the code.A transaction is initiated by a consumer who uses a mobile app to scan the EMV Merchant - Presented QR Code and enter the transaction amount for their purchase.

Emerging of EMV QRCPS

EMV QR code provides common and standard QR code for different Wallet Apps. With the increasing deployment of QR code payment systems, it is important that the payment ecosystem provides a consistent experience for both merchants and consumers. An effective solution to ensure global interoperability for established payment systems has come through the development and implementation of global specifications. EMVCo is the global technical body that facilitates the worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions by managing and evolving the EMV® Specifications and related testing processes.

How merchant get payment transaction result Immediately

Install Merchant App to accept payment transaction notification from the Network. Merchant must have a smart phone or tablet with internet capability for this merchant App installation. 

​However, when the Merchant is a self-service machine, this is not an effective way to notify the transaction result to the merchant.

Currently, most IoT payment technologies on the market can only be operated under the premise of a single wallet app and  proprietary QR code.  However,  sharing single QR Code among multiple Wallet Apps are the core promise of EMV QRCPS. This is Why We need to develop a whole new approach to let kinds of self-service machine to  easily adopt QR code payment.

Our Solutions

​the iOT hardware


With EMV QR Code and WayGoBox module working in pairs, multiple Wallet Apps can be deployed easily to stores with POS system, booths and all kinds of self-service machines.

WayGoBox module is build upon advanced bluetooth SOC. There is no internet connection for them. There is no way to login locally or remotely, and no way to write any program to WayGoBox module. The only way to operate WayGoBox is through Wallet App with OpenWallet API installed. Therefore, there is zero chance to hack in WayGoBox.

​the Software SDK

Open Wallet API

With WayGo Open Wallet API integrated, Wallet Apps can easily communicate with WayGoBox module through BLE. WayGoBox module will perform the corresponding action if and only-if Wallet Apps completes payment transaction properly.  It resolves the payment result notification problem without using any internet connection in merchant side.

By advanced encryption and decryption technology, even legal Wallet App can not send fake message to cheat WayGoBox module. And most importantly, different Wallet App can not be counterfeited each other.

​the Merchant Portal

WayGo Ledger Server

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with waygobox. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress-free. You can trust us to provide you with the best products, as well as the highest quality customer service. Get in touch to learn more.


Craft Beer

Laundry Machine

Vending Machine

Show Case

2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival Official Demonstration for Mobile Payment & Self-Service Machine

Key Advantagesges

The core promise of EMV QRCPS is sharing single QR Code among multiple Wallet Apps. WayGoBox solution is  born to support multiple Wallet Apps from the day one.

‘Faking by Duplication’ is known as the major weakness of QR Code Payment. WayGoBox can resolve this problem and enhance the security  when applying EMV QRCPS.

BLE SoC based solution, result in low implementation cost. No internet connection requirement in merchant side also reduce error rate and operation cost.

Easy deployment with modularized hardware and parameterized software in Cloud and firmware.  WayGoBox can accelerate the adoption of EMV QRCPS, and enlarge it to more different scenarios.

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